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no more school for a while

so, my loan didn't go through and my parents aren't going to be able to borrow me the money to pay off the rest of semester since thy aren't getting any money from re-finacing. i still haven't gotten a job yet and now i need two. i'm going to have to get two 40 hour a week jobs plus work at the hole-in-the-wall chicken shack down the block when i have any spare time. i can't borrow from any relatives because we all hate each other. they'ld prolly think i'ld blow it all on drugs anyways. i wouldn't by the way. thanksgiving sucked, i'm broke, i can't buy xmas gifts and the vegan turned me down. hopefully, december will go as well as the rest of the year has gone. happy holidays from the gutter!!!
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Hey I know how the no-money situation is,... but it will get better. Look at the bright side of things,.... um,... you have your health, right?!?!? I cant afford college and neither can my parents and I have two shitty ass jobs that cant even pay off my car let alone my phone bill,... But atleast at christmas time you can have gifts,... Even though I dont know you I will buy you something nice. Best Wishes!

thanks for what you said. it cheered me up. it means a lot.